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Small business websites

I was asked if all businesses need a website. Here are the reasons I think they do:

Control your identity.
When someone searches your business name, no matter what what business you are in, your website should be the top result. Phonebook type websites may not have your correct information and review websites have mixed reputations.

Make a good first impression
When someone clicks your website, they should get a visually appealing view into your business. A professionally designed website with high-quality images establishes credibility.

Having a website and a business don’t mean name demonstrate a certain level of business establishment. Looking professional makes you look established and reliable.

Having a proper domain name will also allow you to have a professional business email address. Use that email address and all of your networks so people can easily find out about your business by just looking at your email address.

And of course I need to say we would love to talk to you about establishing your web presence. Whether it is upgrading your website or establishing a new web presence, our team can be an asset to helping you establish the right strategy.